Friday, July 29, 2011

Hi, friends,
Here are your photos.
My Perfectly identical fire socks.
Random 067Random 069Random 072Random 075
Finally, all you've been waiting for, the swatches!
Random 076Random 077
Random 078Random 079
Random 080
What other stitches should I do?
So far I have done...
Garter, stockinette, seed stitch, and 2x2 rib.
Yarn Demoiselle

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I just wanted to say that with the Fire Socks, I finished the sock and started the second.


Your yarn demoiselle is going to go to a softball game and play. I love soccer (notice I did not say sports or soccer and softball). I am pretty sure you get the point. Softball lovers, look away. Baseball players? It is your choice. I don't like softball. I know this is obvious, but softball is nothing like soccer. I thought I would enjoy it. But I don't. I would almost say I (look away again...) hate softball.
Now to knitting news. Your yarn demoiselle has not had the urgency to take photos yet. I almost want to keep it a surprise. I have a bunch of squares done. I am going to take photos tomorrow.
Your yarn demoiselle is off to a thing she .... strongly dislikes. I am trying not to have you ... different mindset people to look away again. Leave a comment if like my word choice. Or ... don't exactly love my word choice. Or if you feel the need to comment!
Yarn Demoiselle

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Busily Knitting

Hello, friends,
I have been so busy! School has ended and I have not finished Fire Socks. You could say they are an UGH! (ugh knitting version, worst knitting could be, has something very wrong with the piece.) They are too itchy... Right now I am working on a bag.... But I should tell you what I finished. I was working on a hat and another hat (look at the links, they show everything.) Right now I am working on a bag. That's what your yarn demoiselle is up to.
Yarn Demoiselle