Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Being Sick

Being sick sucks. You have to take the day off of school (okay for most of you that is a good thing, but I have always been peculiar), you miss a bunch of stuff if you are busy like me, and you just feel horrible. Your sleep gets all out of wack, and you don't want to sleep at night. You are stuck up at night, watching reruns of shows you love.

All of the shows that I grew up with.

Especially shows that are from 2005.

Yeah you know what I'm talking about. The original Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Looks like being sick has an upside after all.

Monday, January 28, 2013


All of you knitting junkies, honestly, just cool it. I am only 12. I'll get to it when I have time.

Honesty is a hard thing to understand. Brutal honesty is what it sounds like; brutal. Not everything out of your mouth can be perfectly honest, or you will loose friends. But you can't lie either because people then won't trust you. In friendships, honesty holds it together, but can rip it apart in a blink.

Honesty is the worst thing, and the best. Honesty and secrets go hand in hand.

Today my heart got ripped away from my body in one word. One, honest, two-letter word. Honesty is good, and it is horrible.

I have a reality check now, but that doesn't mean much. My false hopes have been taken away, and it's for the best.

Just remember, anything you say anyone can remember. Until you are sure of something, keep your opinion to yourself.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


People make mistakes. Let me tell you that straight off.

A certain person is mad at me, and honestly where do I start. If that certain person is reading this, take this as you will.

I am not apologizing. If I don't know what I did wrong, I can't even begin to fix it.

I really don't quite understand what is wrong here. I bugged you about your boyfriend. I understand that is a mistake now. I am not apologizing for it, because you would have done the same thing. I can guarantee it.

People make mistakes, but until you tell them what's wrong, they can't do anything about it. This will help in life. Communication is key.

One thing that you want me to change is me. I can't do that. Plenty of people like me for who I am. You are not one of them. I can change bits and pieces to improve myself, to make better friends, but whether I am A.J. 1.0 or A.J. 2.0, I am still A.J. The A.J. roots are still there.

Another thing you want me to do is go away. Get away from my friends so you can be in control.

News flash. I am not going anywhere. Better get used to it. You can fix the problem, or you can make our other friends miserable with how much we fight. Your decision. Me leaving isn't a choice.

Thank you for making me a better person. And just you wait, I will be the best friend I ever can be. Your loss.

P.S. The Dells are amazing!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Hello everyone. I am the mystical A.J. writing to you from far far away places. While you are all in school, I will be attending a wonderful mystic water park called Chula Vista in the Dells. Jealous? Mhm you should be. It is kind of difficult to write because I am writing off of my tablet and not the laptop, and this is the only time that Keira (a.k.a. 3 year old cousin *ahem* +Maria Kuhn we have spoken about this before....) is out and out of reach of the million (okay like 500) dollar tablet. She's coming! Got to go! -A

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How (Not) to Plan Your Life

My life is ridiculously crazy. I am in pretty much everything I can be. I'm in the top-level soccer going to regionals in spring, track, I run 5K's on my own, I have a 4.0 (and am proud of it), I'm in conformation, Forensics, the play, ski club, and I play the viola, piano, violin, ukulele, and I sing.

I love everything. I really do. I have next to no social life, but something has to take second priority in my life, and that happens to.

I have three things scheduled on one night. Solo Ensemble, the play's second performance (which you need to see), and the Forensics State (which we might not even make).

My life is crazy. Honestly, crazy. And I am only in 7th grade. This will be fun.

Off to work on Forensics, then knitting, then nightly workout, then sitting in bed, then finally going to bed.



I'm not on a knitting kick, so cool it. Just chill.

Secrets. What are they? Little bits of information between two friends. Little taunts for people to say "She likes me better than you. Haha." Little ways to go from a perfect friendship to a very wrong one.

You might have noticed I said two friends, not two or more. A secret isn't for 3, or 5, 7. It is for two, otherwise, it's not a secret.

Secrets keep friends together, but too many rip them apart. It's like glue. Glue works when there are a few. Too many, and your friendship flops away.

Secrets can be good. They can be bad. They are full of surprises.

Ashley. Your surprise will be epic. That's all I can promise.


Monday, January 21, 2013

A Template

Now, I know that the title of this blog is "Yarn Demoiselle", not every post will be about yarn and it's wonderful ways it can be used (which are limitless by the way). Some will about my school life, my soccer love, and drama at school. I am a tween after all. I can't stay interested on one thing for over 2 weeks.

Hunter? Aia? Come. See this post as ideas, since you two kind of need some. (*cough cough* hunter you really need it *cough cough*)

What do I do for a typical post? I
a) Come up with a hook
b) Go through my knitting accomplishments (if any)
c) I.... write

You two need some help, since you are having writer's block.

There are no rules.

Write about whatever comes to mind (okay not anything aka TRIANGLES). Write about what you want to write about. Write about how much homework sucks. How much you love your girlfriend/boyfriend. Why you hate school. A typical day. Why baseball rocks. When you end school. Typical drama. Why you love the internet.

Write about.




Why oh why does technology not work the way we want it to?

I couldn't access this blog through the profile to add new posts. I'll save you the agony of trying to explain it all, but man. Now it is sort of fixed, at least I can access it and post (yay!) but it is very complicated to get in. But hey. I'll try it anyways. :D

It is fixed now, and all is well. I can post (that is an improvement), add pictures, show you all of my different social media profiles, and everything! (hey I'm a tween-very-close-to-teen-aged girl. I am allowed to have millions of friends.....)

Thanks guys! I missed you! My two followers (whom one is my mother)!