Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How (Not) to Plan Your Life

My life is ridiculously crazy. I am in pretty much everything I can be. I'm in the top-level soccer going to regionals in spring, track, I run 5K's on my own, I have a 4.0 (and am proud of it), I'm in conformation, Forensics, the play, ski club, and I play the viola, piano, violin, ukulele, and I sing.

I love everything. I really do. I have next to no social life, but something has to take second priority in my life, and that happens to.

I have three things scheduled on one night. Solo Ensemble, the play's second performance (which you need to see), and the Forensics State (which we might not even make).

My life is crazy. Honestly, crazy. And I am only in 7th grade. This will be fun.

Off to work on Forensics, then knitting, then nightly workout, then sitting in bed, then finally going to bed.


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