Monday, January 28, 2013


All of you knitting junkies, honestly, just cool it. I am only 12. I'll get to it when I have time.

Honesty is a hard thing to understand. Brutal honesty is what it sounds like; brutal. Not everything out of your mouth can be perfectly honest, or you will loose friends. But you can't lie either because people then won't trust you. In friendships, honesty holds it together, but can rip it apart in a blink.

Honesty is the worst thing, and the best. Honesty and secrets go hand in hand.

Today my heart got ripped away from my body in one word. One, honest, two-letter word. Honesty is good, and it is horrible.

I have a reality check now, but that doesn't mean much. My false hopes have been taken away, and it's for the best.

Just remember, anything you say anyone can remember. Until you are sure of something, keep your opinion to yourself.

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