Monday, January 21, 2013

A Template

Now, I know that the title of this blog is "Yarn Demoiselle", not every post will be about yarn and it's wonderful ways it can be used (which are limitless by the way). Some will about my school life, my soccer love, and drama at school. I am a tween after all. I can't stay interested on one thing for over 2 weeks.

Hunter? Aia? Come. See this post as ideas, since you two kind of need some. (*cough cough* hunter you really need it *cough cough*)

What do I do for a typical post? I
a) Come up with a hook
b) Go through my knitting accomplishments (if any)
c) I.... write

You two need some help, since you are having writer's block.

There are no rules.

Write about whatever comes to mind (okay not anything aka TRIANGLES). Write about what you want to write about. Write about how much homework sucks. How much you love your girlfriend/boyfriend. Why you hate school. A typical day. Why baseball rocks. When you end school. Typical drama. Why you love the internet.

Write about.



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  1. Tank ya dahling ;)
    Lol you have to bring up triangles...