Thursday, July 28, 2011


Your yarn demoiselle is going to go to a softball game and play. I love soccer (notice I did not say sports or soccer and softball). I am pretty sure you get the point. Softball lovers, look away. Baseball players? It is your choice. I don't like softball. I know this is obvious, but softball is nothing like soccer. I thought I would enjoy it. But I don't. I would almost say I (look away again...) hate softball.
Now to knitting news. Your yarn demoiselle has not had the urgency to take photos yet. I almost want to keep it a surprise. I have a bunch of squares done. I am going to take photos tomorrow.
Your yarn demoiselle is off to a thing she .... strongly dislikes. I am trying not to have you ... different mindset people to look away again. Leave a comment if like my word choice. Or ... don't exactly love my word choice. Or if you feel the need to comment!
Yarn Demoiselle

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