Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Heat Theory (Plus Some Yummy Knitting)

My goodness is it hot this year. Hot and dry. Wisconsin? DRY? Well, hasn't something taken it's toll. And because of that, two things have occurred. I am calling these my "heat theories".
1) Heat = Laziness
2) Laziness makes for horrible knitting and cruddy thinking.

I was knitting a cute bag, the Sophie Bag if you are wondering, and I have already made a few. In fact I gifted the bag I was working on (striped cotton candy like and everything) to one of my friends for her birthday and she loved it. I was making another, this time solid.
Picture One
(It was in a cute navy blue. Wear with any jeans, instant cute factor!)
Working along happily, I continued. No panic was risen.
Then I hit the fifteenth row. I began to panic.
Picture Two
It was way to small. The bag next to it is a finished product of the CORRECT OUTPUT.
Picture Three
Here's another pic. The one on the very right is it finished with felting finished as well.
Picture Four
And then I looked and said, "I'll just change the pattern a bit, since my gauge is off."
I looked outside and said, "No way. It's too hot."
And then I realized I made the whole thing up. My gauge is fine. I changed the yarn to a different version ( Not Cascade 220, like the pattern calls for, but Cascade 220 Heathers).
I am truly going crazy. And in my head, my knitting is paying for it. Only in my head, keep in mind.
And I'm going into 7th grade.

P.S. Sorry about the pictures, since flickr decided to be all weird on me with inserting pictures. I guess we'll find out whether I can fix them or not.

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