Saturday, July 19, 2014

Family Reunions

Hello everyone!

It's A, as always. Today was a particularly exciting day. It was the yearly family reunion at Regner Park, with most of my great grandmother's descendants, which involved a few pretty awesome people.
Take Sue. (She's the lady in orange.) She is a mother of three, who apparently babysat me when I was little. Sue owns a daycare, and is a very funny person to be around. Her eldest daughter, Shelly, is in her mid-twenties and is an inside salesperson at a very succesful business in New York. Apparently I remind Sue of her daughter, and Sue actually took a picture of me to show to her daughter. Pretty cool.

The woman next to her is Sue's mother, and she rocks at Quarters, which is a variation of the game LCR where you play with quarters instead of chips.  She won all three times we played.

And I also met a new person in the family, Caleb. He's a month-old twin, and is absolutely adorable. He was born in 2014, so I decided he needed a proper...

selfie. I was kinda obsessed with holding Caleb, he was so chill all the time, so I spent most of the day holding this baby.

I think he liked me too.

Regner has a spring fed lake, which was absolutely gorgeous all day long.

Regner also had a lovely merry-go-round.

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty successful family reunion. The food was fantastic too. I got some knitting done, maybe half a square? In all the festivities, I forgot to take a picture of my knitting.

After this, I went home for about ten minutes, and then went over to Hoyt for the members night where I sadly got no pictures, but it was fun nonetheless. 

Today I was told that a fourteen-year-old boy died/was severely injured over at the common rope swing along the river. I don't know whether I know this boy, I don't know any details. All I know was that someone got hurt at the rope swing, he was our age, and he was admitted to Children's. I am praying for this boy, I hope you all are too.

Tomorrow? 6:30am wakeup for a 5K. Should be fun.


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