Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Am I Done Yet???

Aloha fellow readers!
It's the lovely A, on this fine morning. Sorry it's taken me so long to put up another post, I've just been so busy it's hard to get a post up. If you noticed, or came from my old blog Knitting Forever, most of my pictures were Flickr pictures. Since the pictures were uploaded onto an online site and were hotlinked onto my old blog, I didn't really own the rights to the pictures, and Flickr deleted some of the photos. Since the only copies of the photos were on Flickr, I had lost those photos. I've been going through all of my posts and saving the pictures to the harddrive of my computer so I have copies of the photos that are left, and I finished saving all of the pictures, but I need to exchange them in the posts.
While all of that is very, very confusing, let's focus on other things, like my sea of green.

How Many Squares Count: 11 out of 40
How Many Squares of Green Finished: 11 out of 14

So close to finishing! After I finish the green, I'll be able to knit these colors instead....

(Colorway: Canary and Rouge)
But I'll knit something else soon, since I know that squares aren't very exciting. But this is!

A new old bag (old to my mom, new treasure to me!) from Minnesota Knitting Guild! My mom got this knitting bag at a convention in Minnesota, a long time ago. She has a better knitting bag of her own, and never uses it so she let me have it!

I also finally have a nice kit for my new bag, since I didn't have one before, and before I didn't have a bag to put it in! Love the bag :)
Must go knit the final 3 squares of green! Bye for now!

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