Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Catching Up

Hello readers,
It's me. I have been watching my account for a while, and I've decided to come back again. Yay me! I knit a bit more recently. My LOVELY COLLEGE BLANKET THAT DOESN'T HAVE A PROJECT ON Raverly...... yet.... has been worked on! Finished 7 out of.... 40? Maybe? I'm not sure, I'll come back later knowing.... BUT ANYWAYS that's why it's called a college blanket, because maybe just maybe I'll finish it before college.

This post isn't about knitting though. I'm not quite sure what this post is about. Catching up mainly. I'm a teen now, have been for about three months. And teens are crazy remember that. Before we get into anything serious...... THE SMOOTHIE UPDATE!!!!

What smoothie is A drinkin' today? (I'm imagining some sort of jingle like the State Farm one, or Esurance (mainly the background music), something like that. Comment if you can come up with one, and I will for sure give you a big ol' shoutout on my next post! Plus every post a link to whatever jingle you come up with, so you'll be FOUR PEOPLE POPULAR-ER!!!)
Well, I am drinking a lovely peach bluberry mix, that is just splendid. Not as good as my other mixes, but still deserves a recipe.
Peach Blueberry Strawberry Smoothie
6 slices of frozen peach (I froze mine myself but here you can have the peaches frozen and cut for you)
1/2 a cup of frozen blueberries (I also froze my own, but here you can have them frozen for you)
6 whole frozen strawberries (I did not freeze my own, and this is the brand I used)
1 Yoplait Original Mixed Berry 6oz
A splash of orange juice (I used Trader Joe's orange juice)

Put all ingredients in blender (I suggest putting the fruit in the blender first then the yogurt, then the juice, because if you put in the juice before the fruit, well, things will get messy. Fast.), and mix on high for 2 minutes. Open blender, mix with spoon softly, then blend on high for 30 more seconds. Pour into glass (or if you really wanted to you could probably eat directly from the container.... I'm not going to say I've done it..... BUT IT'S REALLY GOOD THAT WAY), I suggest a clear one, and drink away! I also suggest a blue straw (it complements the drinks colors) and a spoon as well. You can drink through the straw but most do not recommend it for drinking through a straw, and rather eating it with a spoon. My preference is both, but either way this drink is delicious.

3 out of 5 stars on this recipe.... Not my best, I wouldn't recommend it to a friend.
For next time: I would recommend using frozen banana instead of yogurt, texture is better, and put in more natural sweet fruit, like more strawberries or pineapple. Also, put in a splash of milk as well. The smoothie needed a bit more liquid, but not orange juice.


I'm now on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ (look at what turning thirteen means I can do :P )

See you all tomorrow! Goodbye! -A
P.S. Just wanted to let you all know that posting this took about 3 hours total, including me having to get my blogs onto this account (a complete nightmare) and I had to delete my old account. Now I'm going to go to bed. God please let me. :P Bye! For reals this time!

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