Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blankets and Awards

Hello readers!
It's A :) as usual... Again, sadly, no smoothie recipe for I still hath no bananas. I have no recipe just hanging in my head so sadly no smoothie recipe at all.

But for the knitters out there, there is hope! I managed to finish a square, and start another one for my Room Blanket! My goal: finish all green squares by the time school starts. Can I? Maybe. Will I? Oh yeah.

Look at the last post for more details.

Count them, 8 going on 9. (Looks like seven but the division between them is there)

Here's the yarn! I love how good of quality this yarn is! You would never, ever believe that this yarn is acrylic. Best of both worlds! Well once I finish 6 more, I will work on another project. You better be excited, because the project I'll be working on is a fan-favorite on Ravelry! Tonight I'll be feverishly knitting and watchin Teen Choice Awards.


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